Maximize Your ROI Through Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is the most critical factor in any business, as it is used to attract attention and create interest in a product or service, thereby making people interested to buy that product or service. Till some time ago, marketing was conducted by conventional modes, but now with the advent of digital media, the concepts of this industry have considerably changed. To manage newer forms of marketing activities, organizations are using marketing automation software to maximize their returns, as well as to monitor results of their strategies and plans.

A marketing automation system is a platform, comprising of various tools and software, that automates, streamlines, and measures marketing tasks and work flows for increasing operational efficiencies of companies, thereby attaining faster growth, and maximizing their ROI. Many critical areas are automated by Marketing Automation Software, including lead capture, market segmentation, sales acceleration, providing insights and analytics, etc.

Working with the right marketing automation software can maximize your returns by supporting and streamlining your marketing processes in the following ways:

Create a Landing Page – As a visitor clicks through a call-to-action button on your ad or information page, he/she comes to a landing page, which provides the necessary content and captures the contact information of the visitor. The lead is stored in the CRM system from where regular content is sent to the contact detail.

Scoring System is an added advantage – To distinguish a quality lead from an average lead, a scoring system can be put in place which awards scores to each activity of the visitor, like the time spent on the website, pages viewed, visits on the website, open rate of the mailers sent, social media interactions etc. The total score obtained can be a genuine indicator of the quality of lead.

Send targeted E-mails – The marketing automation systems have the facility of sending e-mails to the existing customer database. Along with the new prospects, regular e-mailers can be sent to the existing database, which may result in sales to a few people from the current customer list too.

Schedule Social Media Shares – Most of the marketing automation systems have in-built facilities for social media activities, which can be used to share a variety of social media posts and updates for promotion of products or services.

Segment and Prioritize Contact Lists – With the tools available in these automation systems, you can segment the contact lists into various priorities like ‘hot leads’, ‘new leads’, ‘interested’ etc, and send them content designed as per their segment.

Monitor Campaign Performance – Using tools of the software, performance of various marketing campaigns can be monitored, and as per the insights gained, the strategies deployed can be changed or tweaked accordingly.

Support the Sales Team – The sales team can be assisted by providing them with resources to integrate specific content with into sales process. Special triggers can be activated for sending alerts to the sales person when any of the prospect pursued and followed earlier comes to the website again, so that they may tap him with fresh offers and other promotional strategies.

Hence, by using many coveted features of marketing automation software, enterprises can benefit in terms of delivering customer satisfaction, making increased sales, and maximizing ROI of their business.